"Sanna Hansson stands for a design full of lust and ideas that crosses borders of disciplines" /Metro

"She integrates philosofical ideas and personal comments into her product design" /Femina

"She shows that furniture is about substance and communication, not only shapes - One of the highlights of the 1998's Funiture Fair"
/Stockholm Modern, a book by Ingrid Sommar

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Secretary, Cairo

Actress, New York

Paediatrician, São Paulo

Art-teacher, Shanghai
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Sanna Hansson (adopted from India 1971) lives in Stockholm and works as a freelance product, furniture designer and a design and image consultant.

Educated in design, advertising and art in Sweden and New York, she started to receive much attention from the media in 1995, when she designed a toilette-seat shaped chair called Waiting Friend and a Walking Table that simbolically "walks out" (bored?) from a traditional Swedish gathering.

Her list of collaborations goes from Electrolux, Tom Dixon and Kosta Boda to Swedish up-to-date furniture producers like Källemo and Kasthall.

Sanna's interest for design as a medium for artistic and social messages brings her to develop projects like Be Anywhere, where design is a key to human behaviours and society.

For further information, please visit www.sannahansson.com
or contact Sanna Hansson directly:

E-mail: sanna@sannahansson.com
Phone: +46-70-7390389. Fax: +46-8-137737.

Her simple creations are always full of exciting messages" /ELLE

"She finds atmospheres that made her one of today's praised designers" /MAISON

"The bookshelf 'Why' led the thoughts to the expression 'just as simple as it is brilliant"
/Svenska Dagbladet, Embroyo

"Sanna Hansson's project went a step beyond all the other trendy stands. Her simple chairs in Nordic style were covered with Indian attributes, bridging current ethnic gaps in a very talented fashion" /Form

"Could be a modern design classical" /Damernas

"Her 'Walking table' discusses what is Swedish and not Swedish" /Dagens Nyheter
Cairo Shanghai New York Sao Paulo