How do we embrace cultural differences, and how do we take them into our daily lives and homes? The media talk about multiculturality almost only with reference to violence and religious or social conflicts. But we know very little on how different cultures change when they come at close contact.

As a designer I am interested in how cultural meetings influence our values, and how they affect our relation to objects in our surroundings. I want to explore how different groups of people contribute to the evolution of the design of objects and living environments. And I thought the best way of observing how it happens is to go to where it happens: big cities.
I picked four big cities in different corners of Earth that have very different design traditions and the highest immigration rate. By spending one month in each of them, lodging in local homes of people I get to know during the trip, I try to find examples of inter-cultural transformations applied to design in everyday life.

I will take pictures of different homes after having placed 'Anywhere' in them (the hosts will decide where to place it and how to use it) to see how it integrates in different environments. With these pictures I am aiming to give a reality-based description of lifestyles and daily life in these four cities. The pictures will regularly be uploaded on this web-site.
After the trip I will give my interpretation of multicultural design in a collection of furniture inspired by what I collect in these four months. I will expose them in an exhibition in Stockholm Winter/Spring 2001, and I plan to expose a version of this exhibition in London, Milano and the cities that are included in the trip: New York, São Paulo, Shanghai and Cairo, in the late Spring of 2001.

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