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Visual Art

sculpture, installations, public art


furniture, product

Set Design

events, film, dance, theatre

Inga - Sanna Hansson

Inga from Sweden

permanent installation in Alicante, Spain, commissioned by the European Union.


India-born, Sweden-raised, Istanbul-based since 2008, my work is about identity, belonging and alienation, seeking to visualize social and cultural encounters in an increasingly globalized world. I explore how behavioural patterns and cultural traditions are reflected in the objects around us and how globalization affects national aesthetics. My process is about the synergy of art and science. Occupying the borderland between sculpture, design and installation, my artistic concepts always spring from considerable scientific research. Medium and material depend on the nature of my concepts, but always reflect a multi-layered synthesis of theoretical commentary, innovative solutions and pop-cultural references.


Sanna Sevika Hansson has become internationally known for her conceptual mix of art and design. Educated i New York (Parsons School of Design) and Stockholm (The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm University), she's been awarded numerous scholarships and distinctions; The Swedish Culture Ministry, The Swedish Visual Arts Fond, IASPIS-The National Art Grant Committee, Ford Design Scholarship, Embryo of the Year and The Creative Man Foundation. Commissioned permanent art installations includes European Union and Royal Library in Copenhagen. Large-scaled exhibitions where she's been a representative for Swedish talent; Gallery Speak For in Tokyo, Gallery Felissimo in New York, Crafts Council Gallery in London, Design Biennale in Saint-Etienne, Wetterling Gallery, Färgfabriken, National Museum, The Culture House, The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. Professionally she has designed for pioneering furniture designer Tom Dixon in London, concept furniture producer Källemo, Electrolux (where she was one of the very first female designers ever hired as an industrial designer) and the feature film Kill Your Darlings, for which she was the Art Director, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival 2006.


“3rd PERSONality”

Sanna Sevika Hansson's self-initiated art project where she collaborates with professionals from various disciplines and nationalities, creating sub-projects with an outcome that span from sculptures, art installations and public art to designed objects and performing arts. Debut sub-project, Purple Rain, was launched in Istanbul, July 2009.

“Purple Rain”

Designer-artist Sanna Sevika Hansson actually lives in her poem-based art installation in her art space in Istanbul, Turkey throughout 2010. In this installation - as she referees to as a “3D blog or live illustration” - Sanna spends her time writing poems (which are handwritten on her studio walls, floor and objects) and redecorating her 80m2 office space; an art-action style she named ”House-wife Art” because of her artistic approach to redecoration, which is more still life-based in its expression due to all the poems that are continuously rewritten. This 3D blog can only be viewed by invitation from the artist. However in June 2010, during the Istanbul Design Week, it’ll be open for the public.


"Inga From Sweden”, Alicante, Spain

a permanent art installation commissioned by the European Union/OHIM. Seeking to investigate the complex realities behind the trademark-like image of Sweden, Sanna created a plastic sculpture of an Asian-born Swedish girl underneath a four meters long, blonde hair full of hundreds of little black figurines. The art installation received great response for its daring social commentary and challenge to the very idea of a national identity in relation to belonging, alienation and racism.

"Why”, Copenhagen, Denmark

a permanent art installation commissioned by The Royal Library.


For the art project BE ANYWHERE, Sanna travelled for six months with Anywhere (a migratory bird-like magazine stand of her own design) visiting New York, São Paulo, Shanghai and Cairo - cities with the world’s highest immigration rates. At random, she stayed with a total of 101 strangers, who were photographed in their homes with Anywhere, which they could use in any way they found fit. These photographs, exhibited in Beijing, Stockholm and Tokyo, investigate the interplay of globalisation, cultural differences and contemporary acceptance of other cultures.

REALITIES IN A MEETING is an art project about multicultural design. Following a study trip to her native India, Sanna designed a collection of conceptual chairs, bringing together two radically different design traditions. Emphasizing the concept of function – meaning something practical in the Swedish tradition and something spiritual in the Indian tradition – the chairs are four variations of one formula: a very simple chair in light Scandinavian wood sparely decorated with traditional Indian attributes. Since it’s inaugural solo exhibition in Stockholm, the collection has been constantly touring around Europe as part of a large number of group exhibitions


Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Stockholm Culture Administration
Ford Design Scholarship
Embryo of the Year
Källemo Scholarship
The Creative Man Foundation


National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Cologne
Design Biennale Saint-Etienne
Vitra Museum, Berlin
Centre Culturel Suèdois, Paris
Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Speak For, Tokyo
Felissimo, New York
Crafts Council Gallery, London
Scandinavia House, New York
Contemporary Istanbul; Art Fair in Istanbul


"Her art project Be Anywhere expresses innovative ideas and great sense of shapes"

"She finds atmospheres that made her one of today's praised designers"

"Could be a modern design classic"

"Shows intelligence and humour"

"Her simple creations are always full of exciting messages"

"Hansson has a bright sense of humour"

"Just as simple as it is brilliant"

"Sanna stands for a design full of lust and ideas that crosses borders of disciplines"

"Sanna Hansson's project went a step beyond all the other trendy stands"

"She integrates philosophical ideas and personal comments into her design"

"She shows that furniture is about substance and communication, not only shapes"

"A functional furniture, sure, but also something more"

Portfolio Design - Sanna Hansson
Portfolio Art - Sanna Hansson